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Welcome to NCS Critters, where you may find your new best friend. Dedicated to critters both creepy and crawly! breaking the stigma that reptiles and invertebrates don't make wonderful companions. 

 We also do rehabilitation work on some reptiles when we have the capacity and ability to rescue and rehabilitate. rescued/rehabilitated animals are adopted out with a small fee to pet only homes, if they are capable of doing so. sometimes the specialized care they require they end up being here with us for their remaining life. 



We are a husband and wife team with a dedication to those cold blooded and creepy. We haven't met a critter we didn't love. With a combined 20+ years in pets and exotics and an ever growing knowledge , we have a growing passion to provide families with their next new member. Breaking the stigmas about reptiles and invertebrates one critter at a time. Our primary focus remains to provide education on reptiles and invertebrates being AMAZING pets ! 



Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, or to tell us about the animal you are hoping for, it may take 3 or more days for us to respond to emails. for a faster response send us a facebook message

located in Central , PA. Close to Mechanicsburg , Carlisle , and Harrisburg areas

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